Become a Hype Gaming Affiliate

Are you an influencer who loves gaming? By becoming a Hype Gaming Affiliate and sharing the love with your audience, you can earn up to 30% recurring commission per student referral.

If your audience consists of the following then you’d be an ideal partner for Hype Gaming:

  • FPS gamers who want to take their skills the the next level.
  • FPS gamers who want to try out for a team and/or play professionally.
  • FPS gamers who have played a minimum of 10 years and are interested in becoming an instructor.

How to Get Started

To get started, sign up for the partner program by creating an account here. Once you’ve been approved (which takes around 2-3 business days), you’ll receive an email notification inviting you to login.

Once you have been assigned the role of ‘Affiliate’ you can sign into Hype Gaming and you will automatically be taken to your affiliate menu. You can also hit ‘Affiliate’ in the navigation bar at the top of the site to find this page.

There you will find your affiliate links you can share to promote Hype Gaming to your audience via your website, blog, social media, etc. and earn 30% recurring commission!

*Please ensure that your Hype Gaming referral link is clicked in order to receive commissions. 

What are the Benefits?

Each time someone clicks on your unique Hype Gaming affiliate link and subscribes to Hype Gaming memberships and courses for the first time, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • 30% recurring commission on all monthly or annual paid plans for as long as the new subscriber pays for Hype Gaming.
  • Access to exclusive creative and promotional material created by Hype Gaming.
  • A 30 day cookie period.*

*i.e. If somebody visits Hype Gaming but doesn’t sign up right away, they’ll be tracked via a browser cookie, so if they return any time within the next 30 days and sign up you’ll be credited as the referee.

Any questions? Just email us!