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Academy Features​

'Knowledge is Power'


Take your Call of Duty 'skills' to the next level with our weekly training sessions. You can choose between private and group training.


Take your Call of Duty 'goalsetting' to the next level with our personalized skill evaluations. Get pro-tips and set the right goals for YOU.


Take your Call of Duty 'mindset' to the next level with our weekly coaching calls designed to keep you motivated and on track to reach your personal goals.

Online Courses

Take your Call of Duty 'knowledge' to the next level with our in-depth online courses based on 20 years of competitive FPS experience.


Take your Call of Duty 'experience' to the next level with our transformational accelerator courses that take you from zero to hero FAST!


Take your Call of Duty 'commitment' to the next level with our membership plans that are designed to line up with your unique individual goals.

The benefits are powerful​

'Dominate your competition'


Learn how to play confidently, consistently and with finesse so that you never miss shots.


learn how to master all the weapons you have at your disposal.


Learn how to outsmart your competition no matter what they try.

Load outs

Learn how to choose the best load outs to match your style of play.


Gain practical experience that will give you the edge over your competition.


Get access to a thriving community of helpful gamers that will watch your back.

Head instructor​

'20 year competitive E-sports Veteran'

My name is Dutch Ultra!

My mission is to help you dominate in Call of Duty – like me!

Let me help you get incredible results by sharing my 20 years of competitive E-sports knowledge and experience with you.

If I can be be in the top 2% of Modern Warfare players worldwide, then so can you!

Serious players set goals!

Are you getting frustrated because you aren’t improving as fast as you would like to? 

Why waste valuable time and effort on skills, techniques and loadouts that aren’t guaranteed to work for you PERSONALLY?

This is why I teach players ‘PERSONALIZED’ skills, techniques and tactics that are simple to learn and guaranteed to be highly highly effective for YOU!


Book a FREE Strategy Call with Dutch Ultra

A few minutes will save you many hours of wasted time and effort trying to figure things out on your own. We learned the hard way so you don't have to!

Any Questions, Soldier?

Ask me Anything

We start with a Skill Evaluation so that we have a solid baseline based on actual data. Next, I will help you set the right goals and challenge you to make them a reality. You will be able to attend group training classes and get group coaching from me on a weekly basis. You will have access to a ton of valuable resources and our supportive community, as well. When the time is right we will re-evaluate your skills to see if we need to keep working on existing goals or if it is time for you to set a brand new goal for us to SMASH.

Absolutely! I will always be the one teaching you personally. I am not the kind of person to hire someone who isn’t nearly as good as me to teach you so that I can lounge at the beach with a cocktail. I will be in the trenches WITH you and will support you every step of the way in your journey. I’ve got your back!

Great question! I come from a family of teachers, actually. Long story short, teaching is part of my DNA.
More specifically, I have been teaching kids how to play soccer for many years and before that I was often forced to teach my IT clients how to use new software programs etc. after I installed a new hardware and/or software at their office. Over time I have learned how to break complicated concepts down so that people can understand them easier and can absorb the knowledge faster! I have also been training and coaching my buddies how to get better at FPS games for many years now, so teaching comes very natural to me!

I have been playing FPS games for about 20 years. I started with Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, then switched to Playstation 2 and played a ton of Unreal Tournament. Next, I bought a PC so I could play Quake 3 with my friends. I also played a ton of Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Quake 3 engine) during that time. Next was Unreal Tournament 2003, which was such an ‘epic’ game! Then my friends got me to buy Counter-Strike (1.3) and at first I didn’t like it because it was a lot slower than some of the games I was used to. I also didn’t like waiting 5 minutes for rounds to end. After 6 months I nearly uninstalled it but luckily I found a custom server with small maps such as fy_Snow and fy_Iceworld. Instantly I started to improve and began to enjoy Counter-Strike and made it my main game. As soon as had become really decent at CS (many players thought I was cheating LOL) I stumbled upon the very first Call of Duty. I absolutely loved it and played it for a long time. I then played nearly each and every Call of Duty title ever released and became a huge fan of the series. World at War and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare were amazing! I also played a ton of games on the side, such as Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source and TitanFall. Once Call of Duty WW2 was released in 2017 I was completely stoked because I am a huge fan of WW2 shooters. I actually still play that game to this day because of the amazing game mechanics and because it is so much fun to play with friends. I currently have over 320,000 kills in Call of Duty WW2 and have become a specialist with many different weapons!

GROUP training sessions last 1 hour per session.

GROUP coaching sessions last 1 hour per session.

We can automatically downgrade you to the Free plan at your next renewal date. Your subscription will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period that you’ve already paid for. We currently do not offer refunds.

The Professional Training plan comes with email support, so you can email me personally and I promise to get back to you within 24 hours!