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Head Instructor

Learn from a 20 year FPS veteran

Dutch Ultra sets the bar high: Top 3% On Modern Warfare Leaderboard​

Dutch Ultra

Head Instructor

The name is Dutch. Dutch Ultra!

Let me help you get incredible results by sharing my 20 years of FPS knowledge and experience with you. My mission is to help you dominate online. If I can be be in the top 3% of Modern Warfare players worldwide, then so can you!

Just be prepared to collect a ton of salt and deal with hackusations - this usually means that you are doing something right!

Top 3% on Modern Warfare leaderboard

My Strong Points

Thanks to 20 years of high-level experience in FPS I have become extremely well-rounded. 

I am super serious about technical skills. I also focus on effective tactics that complement individual gamers.

In the last 10 years I have mastered shotguns and consider myself a shotgun specialist!

Teaching and instructing come natural to me and I have developed patience and the ability to make people feel comfortable around me.




Trust, but verify!

Gamers like you are dominating online - believe the hype!

The easiest way to get seriously good at COD

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3 day Shotgun Challenge

Take a deep-dive into the world of shotguns! Gain valuable insight into what the most effective shotguns are and how to configure them like a pro! 

You will learn simple yet super effective technical and tactical tricks that are easy to learn and incorporate. Team up into groups and compete for a $100 Amazon gift card and other game-changing prizes!